Brace your senses, Luminar is coming

Multimedia exhibition by Paolo Gentilini

Film director and master of special visual effects in film, Paolo Gentilini, is the author of the compelling multimedia exhibition Lunar, which will open in Zagreb’s Grič Tunnel on June 24, 2018. The exhibition features strong visual installations that will draw the visitors into a postapocalyptic scenario, while the author of the exhibition will give them an illusion of filmmaking and film magic by replicating a film set.

The goal of Luminar is to engage the visitors and fully immerse them into the experience so that, while walking through the dark elements of the exhibition, they will utilize all their senses, thus experiencing their surroundings. Paolo Gentilini, a filmmaker who went to school in Prague (Prague Film School), London (Escape Studios) and Los Angeles (New York Film Academy), has combined reality and film, creating live the atmosphere shown on the photos and giving visitors the impression of being on a film set, but without the cameras rolling.

The project features eight large digitally processed photos (1,5mx2m), various sound effects, art installations and SFX effects. Moreover, the visitors will be able to enjoy a special screening illustrating the author’s creative process of mixing VFX and live-action photos.

The photos of fighting in a postapocalyptic scenario symbolize the reality we live in, and are aimed at motivating every single individual to a deep introspection and evaluation of their own journey through life.

Don’t miss Luminar, a unique film magic exhibition in the region!